Media Release – Inner Melbourne Aligns with the Greens

Media Release – Inner Melbourne Aligns with the Greens

Released 25/11/14


Research conducted by the Centre for Applied Political Psychology (CAPP) compared a Labor-held seat of Melbourne with a Liberal-held seat of Prahran and found that both communities have values that align with the Greens. Additionally, CAPP compared the barriers to voting Greens in both seats. 67.6% of people in the seat of Melbourne agree that the Vic Greens are suitable to hold the balance of power so they can hold the government to account. Even though the seat of Prahran is a Liberal-held seat, 50.3% of people also agree.

More on values that align

As expected, there are very large groups of people in the progressive seat of Melbourne who hold values that heavily align with the Greens. Interestingly, in the seat of Prahran, the largest voting group is slightly right-of-centre yet despite moderate support for privatisation and neo-liberal economics, this group also has moderate support for the welfare state, government regulation and a moderate to high belief in pro-environment values. In total for Prahran, 87.5% of people believe that the environment should be conserved for future generations and 56.7% of voters in Prahran have an even stronger perception of the environment – and believe it is worth preserving for its own intrinsic worth and shouldn’t just be defined by how it serves human needs.

Major parties on the nose

  • 61.2% of Melbourne voters and 52.3% of Prahran voters (despite being a Liberal-held seat) believe that the Victorian Liberal Party has not achieved anything beneficial in this current term.
  • 73.3% of Prahran voters also agree that the Liberal Party has damaged the TAFE system with their funding cuts (60% of the large right-of-centre voting group agree – largely a Liberal voting group).
  • 87.6% of Melbourne voters and 83% of Prahran voters believe that Victorian Labor is too dominated by the factions.
  • In Melbourne, 57.3% of voters leaning towards Labor want Labor to rip up the East-West Tollway contracts if it wins government.
  • In Prahran, 60.5% of all voters agree that the $6 billion for the East-west Link should be immediately redirected to provide better public transport.

About this research

This research was conducted by CAPP research with data collected from an online panel by a market research company in Melbourne who are ESOMAR members (World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals). The sample comprised 391 Australian citizens and was collected between April the 17th-19th 2014 (in Melbourne), and 352 Australian citizens that was collected between July the 10th-20th 2014 (in Prahran). Both samples were accurate representative samples and in the case of Melbourne, a sample of 381 respondents is needed to achieve a 95 per cent certainty that the results are within 5 percentage points of the ‘real’ results if the entire population of the Melbourne electorate were surveyed. The panel was weighted to be representative of gender and age based upon gender and population statistics of the Melbourne electorate on April the 15th, where a total of approximately 42,404 people were enrolled to vote in Melbourne.

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