Community Engagement

– Learn how to build relationships with your community.

– Know who you need to win over and how to communicate with them.

– Discover how to implement the most accurate and effective grass-roots campaigning events and mechanisms.

We apply the best available research to your campaign goals and deliver the most effective strategy for an optimal communication exchange with your community. Even without specific custom-designed research, our advisors can formulate trainings, events and strategies based on their knowledge and expertise in fostering community engagement across myriad campaign platforms. Our models emphasise that communication is not about aggressive, sales-pitch style marketing but about a reflexive, two-way exchange between peoples who can learn from each other. This is because building communities is about building relationships and connecting people. Over the long-term such a framework is also central to our values of democracy as representative, participatory and deliberative.

We advise on how to use multiple platforms to undertake community engagement and to do so within capacity constraints in a practical and achievable way. Whether your campaign is online, face-to-face, over telephone, through a media event, community event, through partnerships or any other means, we can tailor each platform to your volunteer base and your prospective community. We emphasise the importance of multilateral communication so that diversity is respected and authentic dialogue is achieved between participants. It is only through our understanding of communities and multilateral communication as derived from our research experience that CAPP is able to yield greater connections between communities and foster the authentic dialogue that is essential to any campaign victory.