About us

CAPP was founded as an enterprise of social psychologists and political communication researchers who offer customized demographic research and strategic communications advice. We exist to give organisations and community campaigners a pathway to discover the most effective ways to engage communities for progressive causes.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.Margaret Mead

Community organisations can be powerful agents of social change. However many well-meaning people have poured their heart and soul into worthy causes and not fully achieved their most important aims. This is where we can help. We aim to provide progressive organisations and grass-roots community groups with the tools to run campaigns and improve social systems and policies to maximum effect.



What do we do?

CAPP has developed ground-breaking research methods that elucidate on motivations of community opinion that have not been explored before. We also use our knowledge of political psychology and skills of analysis to design better data systems and volunteer management rubrics. Overall we can develop improvements to organisations and campaigns that drastically increase the effectiveness and therefore power of the group.

Great campaigners are moving on from standard market research techniques. Those at the forefront are employing CAPP researchers and engaging with the next generation of sophisticated research techniques.


Our mission

Our mission is to support and galvanise grassroots communities to achieve their goals in as effective and efficient a way as possible. This will enable campaigns to get the most out of their effort in trying to affect social change, improve environmental protections, or ensure large-scale policies and developments are responsive to community rights.

The way we work is to provide information, training, strategy support and resources based upon tailored research for organisations and communities that are striving to change the world for the better – in line with our vision, values and mission.

By understanding communities and communicating effectively, we can all be powerful citizens and make the change we want to see in the world.


Our vision

At CAPP we share a vision where communities are engaged in decision-making, where people are empowered – a place where people can be true citizens. We believe that grassroots campaigning is a stepping-stone to a more participative and accountable democracy which allows those voices that might otherwise be marginalised to make a pivotal contribution to vital issues shaping the 21st century.




Our values

Our values encompass those of equality, fairness, responsibility and sustainability. We will support those campaigns that are based on one or more of these values, in an effort to improve the world we live in.

  • We believe in building a society and an economy that is fair and prosperous.
  • We believe that democracy should be representative, participatory and deliberative.
  • We believe that connecting communities is powerful and grass-roots organising has been the driving force of change in our civilisation.
  • We believe that people want to participate and be listened to but so often our political culture and our consumer society pressures people to feel powerless and isolated.
  • We believe that all people, no matter what gender, race, sexuality, religion or political orientation, should live free from prejudice and forms of discrimination and exclusion.