Volunteer Management

– Know how many volunteers you will need and in what capacities.

– Learn how to increase volunteers and develop the ‘volunteer experience’.

– More accurately and efficiently tailor your volunteer effort to yield more powerful results and volunteer satisfaction.

We review, design and implement best-practice systems for volunteer management. The frameworks for our systems are based around those used during successful campaigns with proven results building morale, positive identification and overall productivity and effectiveness. At CAPP we have combined our proprietary research methods and past studies of relevant psychological research to update and develop volunteer management systems to enable grass-roots organisations to maximise the understanding, cultivation and deployment of volunteers.

We offer frameworks to implement inductions, trainings, event designs, talent development, role management, questionnaires and handling feedback. Managing volunteers is all about understanding diversity and employing strategies to respect difference, eliminate exclusion and provide pathways for volunteers, no matter who they are, to excel and contribute.  Volunteer management is often something that resource constrained organisations find hard to emphasise as much as they would like. If your campaign already has a coherent volunteer management framework then often what is required is a review and streamlining, not a complete overhaul. The effeciencies gained from pointed modifications based on our research can lead to vastly more powerful utilisation of volunteer effort. Volunteer time and energy is precious and when harnessed to the maximum level possible the campaign can operate at peak effectiveness and volunteers report maximum satisfaction as they observe the effectiveness of the results they yield.

A common misconception from people outside grass-roots campaigns is that volunteers are all one type of person. These ideas are often propagated by the media and opponents of the campaign who are looking to spread the perception that support is limited to one demographic or character type. The advantage of implementing sophisticated volunteer management techniques is that it helps build the most accepting and open movement possible and allows organisations to dispel misperceptions about their volunteer base.