Strategic Media

– Get the best research and design to craft a better media strategy.

– Know what will work, with who, how and why.

We combine our research knowledge with innovative communication techniques to develop powerful and creative media deliverables that deliver traction with your community. Knowing what needs to occur in the communication exchange with different people in your community is invaluable for crafting effective media messages. With more communication occurring online, CAPP utilises the most sophisticated online tools to locate your audience and command the attention of your prospective community. Creating coherent media across multiple platforms is essential and requires expert knowledge of each medium. We allow unprecedented opportunities to understand the effects of choices you make as to how you phrase and frame your media.

Building a grass-roots movement is not the same as commercial communication techniques derived from marketing but is instead about understanding what moves people to action and how different people respond to calls for change. Instead of manipulating their consumer choices, effective political communication is about exchanging information based on who they really are. How will they process your media messages and what will need to occur in the community for you to be successful in your campaign? Our research insights have enabled us to create powerful tools for mobilising support from your prospective community.