Campaign Targeting

– Get your campaign focused and tracking progress to where you need to be.

– Ascertain the exactness of the communication exchange required to win.

– Focus resources on target processes and drastically increase efficiency and output.

We design and undertake research packages based on the unique aspirations and conditions of your organisation. Our proprietary research can deliver more understanding about your community than has been achieved before. These insights allow us to advise on the detail of the political communications required to win your campaign. Usual methods of polling and focus group testing can occur if required but first and foremost, the methods we will use to elucidate community opinion and deliver accurate and effective messages to your community are based on scientifically validated methodologies.

Often campaigners pour blood, sweat and tears into organising communities and battling to get attention in the media. It is therefore of great importance to understand the communication exchange that will engage and inspire those in the community that you are looking to connect with. Without an understanding of who you are trying to reach and how best to engage them, much time and energy will be wasted guessing the right tactics. Usually community-led movements globally are politically well-intentioned yet whether they succeed or fail can often depend on how lucky they were with their communications and strategic actions. Our methods aim to provide an affordable and effective suite of tools to bolster your campaign and give you the highest level of knowledge and advice available. We reduce the luck component and give your organisation a sharp focus on what needs to occur to deliver victory for your community.